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“Art is an investment in your soul.” AMS

Starting your own art collection may be one of the scariest and most thrilling things you will do in your life. But where to begin?  

Our expert advisors will help you to find your individual approach to creating a private collection, assist you in establishing a golden thread for your planned art acquisitions, or join you on the search for the perfect addition to an existing collection.

Every BLINK Art Group advisor caters to a particular art style to help you find or further your niche as a collector. By pairing potential and seasoned collectors with the appropriate advisor, we personalize your art experience.

BLINK Founder Astor Milan Salcedo, for example, lends his art expertise in maritime artwork to “Yacht Art Management”, in partnership with Tilman Kriesel, Art Advisors GmbH.


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© Blink 2023

© BLINK 2023