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BLOG - Astor Salcedo “The Black Series”

Astor Salcedo “The Black Series”

Thursday, October 6th, 2022

The Black Series

Anger, surprise, disbelieve, anxious, depressed, tensed, upset and most of all the feeling of being lied to.
I believe most of us can relate what I have been going through since 2016. „Breaking news” became the standard headline not the exception. On a daily base “red lines” were crossed, or some unprecedented hateful words had been spoken. The meteoric rise of NFT‘s during the pandemic into the art market seemed like the birth of a new stock market for everyone to participate.

All this had me wondering about art in general and specially about my role as an artist. A good year and a half into the pandemic feeling caged in and limited to express my feelings and observations through my abstract works, I decided to take a risk by leaping into a new genre. Neo-Expressionism.

Neo-Expressionism is very familiar to me but unexplored when it comes to my personal work since I had focused on colour and colour combinations. After multiple tries, I found myself ranting on canvas and lacking to bring across the message I was so eager to tell. My breakthrough came when I realised that we, as a society, had started to see everything in black and white. Extremes, with very few shades of grey in between. I chose black as my background and by adding layers of colours and white everything seemed brighter, stronger and a bit more hopeful.



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© BLINK 2022