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Daniel Hörner · Viewing room “Leak paintings”

Monday, October 5th, 2020


The repetition of different variants/systems of pictorial representation, which are repeatedly distorted and newly formed by small disturbances or modifications, is a key element of the series “Leak paintings”.

The aforementioned systems are quite simple and refer to the formal techniques used to actually create the paintings. This is done by smearing paint, consisting of beeswax, Vaseline, linseed oil and pigments, onto a medium in relief-like manner and distributing it in a seemingly anarchic way by means of scratches and brushstrokes .

Borders are drawn at regular intervals on the fabric with a ballpoint pen, or sometimes even scratched into the paint, until the pen reaches the center of the picture, creating a labyrinthine structure. Inadequacies in the technique – like inconsistent spacing and broken rules – are factored in and lead to ever new variations.

In the latest paintings, threads from other discontinued works are plucked out and pressed into the soft paint mass in order to once again serve as a line. Underlying pictorial elements become visible again and transform the picture’s fragmented media into surfaces; paint simultaneously becomes a picture media. The potential for visual poetry is created.

© Blink 2021

© BLINK 2021